ShowPlus® at Work

ShowPlus® is the first of its kind horse and rider accident protection program. Designed to reimburse out-of-pocket medical costs that may not be covered by a person's existing healthcare or equine policy, ShowPlus® allows riders and owners alike to compete with peace of mind.

Rider Injury Protection

Based on the level of the rider and nature of the injury, you can count on a reimbursement that will help cover out of pocket expenses for the rider. How the rider uses the lump sum payout is up to him/her.

  • Rider Injuries

    Broken Bones • Concussion • Paralysis • Coma • Other temporary or permanent injuries

  • Costs Covered

    Ambulatory Services • Injury related deductibles and out of pocket maximums • Medical expenses or procedures that are not covered by insurance • Ongoing household or business-related expenses • Specialty transportation needs.

Equine Urgent Care

Upon a verified receipt of incident report, the company will reimburse reasonable and customary veterinarian fees for covered surgical procedures, medical treatment or diagnostic testing provided to your horse due to an accident, injury, illness that may occur to a horse registered to compete. Eligible horses typically must be between the ages of 4 and 16 years.

Developed by CaptiveOne

Initially designed in 2016... a working animal product sold to government and municipalities to protect law enforcement canines from on the job injury and death, CaptiveOne Advisors, LLC adapted ShowPlus® over the past two years with the direct input of the global equestrian community to provide much-needed protections for equine and human athletes. In 2019, the product debuted nationally to acclaimed reviews.