Q1: Why are horse show management groups around the world automatically including ShowPlus™ to protect their registered horses and riders?

A1: Even with the best insurance, out-of-pocket expenses for unexpected injuries to both the horse and rider can cause serious financial setbacks. This is especially true when competing at shows where the closest medical providers may be out-of-network. ShowPlus™ would reimburse the competitor directly based on the nature and severity of the injury. ShowPlus™ has been added by your management group’s shows to safeguard horses and riders from those unfortunate, medically urgent incidents.

Q2: Are both the horse and the rider protected with ShowPlus™, and when are the protections active?

A2: ShowPlus™ protects both horses and riders who are registered to compete and entered in a class the week of injury or illness. For a rider to be protected, he or she has to have suffered an injury while riding a horse registered to compete.
Please go to ShowPlus.com to find your show's homepage and review the benefit schedule posted. Please note that each show organizer makes the decisions on where and when benefits are offered.

Q3: Is ShowPlus™ insurance?

A3: No. It’s a benefits program that is included as part of your show registration.

Q4: If an accident happens, does the participant still have to report the incident to their insurance company?

A4: The answer is, absolutely. ShowPlus™ is not meant to replace insurance. It’s in place to protect you from what insurance does not cover. So, if you or your horse experiences an injury at the show, you should still file a claim with your insurance provider as you normally would.

Q5: What are the rules surrounding the filing of an incident report?

A5: All incidents must be reported on the showplus.com website as soon as possible, preferably within 48 hours and no later than five (5) days after their occurrence. There is a link specifically entitled “Report an Incident.”
In addition to filling out the initial incident report, the person filing will need to eventually provide copies of veterinarian or medical invoices as part of the process. In accordance with medical privacy law, you will be responsible for providing all requested documentation in a timely manner. Incidents reported more than five (5) days after their occurrence are ineligible for benefits. All veterinarian or medical invoices must be provided within seven (7) days from the date of submitting the incident report or the file will be closed and benefits denied. Please refer to the “Filing an Incident Report” video on the showplus.com website to understand the reporting process in its entirety.

Q6: How does ShowPlus™ work with and without insurance?

A6: It works the same whether you have insurance or not. You submit your incident report via ShowPlus.com. ShowPlus™ provides specific benefits for horses depending upon the type of injury or illness that interferes with its ability to compete; and for riders, the extent of the benefits depends upon whether a rider is a professional, adult amateur, or junior. Critically though, for riders or horses with insurance, ShowPlus™ does not allow for double recovery. It merely helps fill the gaps that insurance does not cover.

Q7: If the unexpected occurs during a show, are participants reimbursed for show fees?

A7: Reimbursement of show fees is dependent on the protections provided by show management. In general, ShowPlus™ tries to reimburse riders for fees that are prepaid. In the unfortunate scenario where you are forced to scratch due to issues covered by ShowPlus™, certain fees may be reimbursed or credited back to your account. Please note that reimbursement would only be available for prepaid classes that have not yet occurred. The amounts to be reimbursed, if any, vary for each show and can be found on the benefits schedule specific to your show.

Q8: Once the incident report has been filed, all necessary procedures have been completed, and the reimbursement has been approved, who receives the reimbursement, if any?

A8: After the due diligence in regard to an incident has been performed, ShowPlus™, at the discretion of the show manager, can reimburse the injured rider or horse owner directly.

Q9: If my horse is already insured how does the ‘Horse Mortality’ component work?

A9: Good question—and the answer is a little complicated. Most shows have a maximum benefit of $100,000, and any money you receive won’t exceed the total assessed value of your horse. One more thing: your horse’s value may be determined independently by ShowPlus™ and may not equate with the value on your existing mortality policy. The maximum amount to be reimbursed, if any, varies for each show and can be found on the benefits schedule specific to your show.

Q10: Does ShowPlus provide aid for pre-existing and/or chronic conditions and routine maintenance/health procedures (e.g., vaccinations, etc.) for horses and/or riders?

A10: No. However, ShowPlus™ may provide a partial reimbursement for some diagnostics even if it turns out to be a pre-existing or chronic condition.

Q11: If I’m a professional, and I’m riding clients’ horses, am I eligible for benefits?

A11: Yes. If you are registered to compete and are riding a horse that is also registered to compete and suffer an injury while riding any such horse, you are eligible for benefits.

Q12: Insurance typically does not cover ambulatory services for horses or riders, does the ShowPlus™ program cover this?

A12: Yes. The rider and equine benefits can be used to pay ambulatory transportation costs.